A Guide to the Papers of Charles Henry Webb, 1867-1903 Webb, Charles Henry, Papers of 8550

A Guide to the Papers of Charles Henry Webb, 1867-1903

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Papers of Charles Henry Webb, 1867-1903
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Papers of Charles Henry Webb, 1967-1903, Accession #8550, Special Collections Dept., University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.

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This collection was given to the Library on March 10, 1967.

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Webb discusses the publication, circulation and printing of a friend's book of poetry; recommends certain magazines and newspapers for its submission; comments on the proper payment due for a poem; recognizes public disinterest in poetry; sends apologies for a broken engagement; seeks to purchase a present; sends an autograph; assures an acquaintance of review of his poems; meditates on what is literature; and makes general comments about writing poetry and being a poet.

The correspondents include Theo[dore]Barber, Lizzie Dickinson, John Williamson Palmer, Henry Paret, Willy Waiter and Charles W. Stoddard.


This collection is arranged chronologically.

Contents List

Charles Henry Webb to Charles Warren Stoddard 1867 Mar 19
4 pages, ALS

Acknowledges news of Stoddard's book publication and requests a copy; says "must publish or die"; publishes a volume of Mark Twain's humors; calls Galaxyidiots for accepting Ina Coolbrith's poetry while rejecting theirs; suggests the Atlantic. Mentions [R. H.] Stoddard.

Charles Henry Webb to Charles Warren Stoddard 1867 Aug 27
3 pages, ALS

Explains delay in answering letter; inquires about forthcoming book and offers to circulate it; inquires of Bret Harte.

Charles Henry Webb to Charles Warren Stoddard 1867 Oct 7
4 pages, ALS

Receives book and promises circulation to such papers as the Citizen; suggests sending copies to daily papers including the Roundtable, Nation, and Atlantic; comments on book's inconsistent printing; comments on poor printing in Bret Harte's new book. Mentions The Jumping Frog[ of Calaveras County].

Charles Henry Webb to Charles Warren Stoddard 1867 Dec 14
3 pages, ALS

Advises sending poems to Harper's Weeklyor Bazaarand to Putnam's Monthly; should demand from the Galaxya $30 honorarium for "The Bedouin"; notes success of Ina Coolbrith, slow sales of Stoddard's book due to public's reluctance to buy poetry; describes the difficult life of a poet.

Charles Henry Webb to Miss Booth [1867]
3 pages, ALS

Writes an apology for a "promised pleasure"; he was obliged to attend opera with Jersey friends due to standing invitation.

Charles Henry Webb to Mr. Cozzens 1885 Aug 2
2 pages, ALS

Requests information about purchasing a pin or bracelet for a nice little girl, 18 or 20 years old; will remit price if he finds it acceptable.

Charles Henry Webb to Henry Paret 1893 Mar 22
1 page, ALS

Does not recall the appearance of "Revenge" in book, but has had enough to assure that when "the blow and shaft has left your hand . . . you may find it sheathed in your own [heart]."

Charles Henry Webb to 1901 Feb 17
1 page, ALS

Promises a volume of lyrics and ballads of Dr. John Williamson Palmer; praises Palmer's charm and subtlety of touch in his translation of Jules Michelet's French to English.

Charles Henry Webb to Theodore M. Barber 1903 Jul 29
3 pages, ALS

Unsure if enclosed verse was also sent to magazine; says the more he works on something, the less he like it; reproduces three lines of a poem; expresses thanks for praise of John Paul's Book.

Charles Henry Webb to Lizzie Dickinson n.y., Apr 5
1 page, ALS

Sends autograph; jokes about another Charles H. Webb, now on trial for forgery

Charles Henry Webb to J. W. P. n.y., Nov. 12
2 pages, ALS

States that he did review new book of Palmer's poems, but editor may have forgotten it, recalls another review of book, not as appreciative; sends a copy of his new book "With Lead and Line."

Charles Henry Webb to Willy Waiter n.d.
4 pages, ALS

Remarks on coincidence of receipt of letter and lunch conversation; says W. D. Howell maintains Helmet of Navarreis not literature; mediates on what is literature. Mentions Union Club and Bertha Runkle.

Photograph n.d.

Magazine photo of C. H. W. standing

Miscellaneous 1867 Nov 2

Photocopy of page from Harper's Baazar with poem "To Lillie."