A Guide to the Papers of the Yancey Family 1899-1953 Yancey Family Papers, 1899-1953 11599

A Guide to the Papers of the Yancey Family 1899-1953

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Special Collections, University of Virginia Library
Accession number
Papers of the Yancey Family 1899-1953
The collection is ca. 1,000 items (6 Hollinger boxes and 1 OS box ca. 2.5 linear feet).
This collection consists of papers relating to the Esmont Colored School, Benjamin Franklin Yancey d. 1915 and to the Yancey family of Albemarle County, Virginia, ca. 1899, 1904-1953. These papers include letters, photographs, school registers and records, news clippings and printed material (transferred to the Rare Books Division), Christmas & greeting cards, invitations, memoranda books, papers pertaining to the Improved Order Shepherds & Daughters of Bethlehem and the Sons of Esmont Lodge No. 7444 of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, and financial & legal papers pertaining to the Yancey family and the New Hope Baptist Church, Esmont, Virginia.

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The Papers of the Yancey Family 1899-1953, Accession #11599, Special Collections Dept., University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.

Acquisition Information

The papers were given to the University of Virginia Library by Sidney M. Tate, Principal of B.F. Yancey Elementary School, Esmont, Virginia, on March 10, 2000 through Will Thomas of the Virginia Center for Digital History.

Scope and Content Information

Benjamin Franklin Yancey was the founder and principal of a one-room school for African-American children called the Esmont Colored School, Scottsville, Virginia. His daughter, May Yancey, also taught there in the decades following her father's death and her graduation from college.

Letters from Benjamin Franklin Yancey are chiefly to his wife, Harriet. The other correspondent was the Reverend S.P. Robinson, Richmond, Virginia. Correspondents writing to Yancey include his wife, Harriet, A.W. Cawthorn, William H. Coleman, B.J. Franklin, J. Thomas Hewin, the Reverend W.H. James, Jr., Barbara Jenkins, B.S. Lewis, S.F. Mason, Rebecca Moore, Josephine M. Pride, J.G. Shelton, Rosa Bell Simpson, Albert Stein, P.B. Taylor, T.C. Walker, William A. White, and Susan P.H. Winslow.

Correspondents writing to Harriet Yancey include: Elizabeth Angell, Joseph Blair, her cousin, Jesse Brown, E.L. Carter, J.W. Crosby, William R. Eason, H.H. Greer, John A. Hains, Edna M. Hall, Charles P. Harris, William A. Harris, Ruth Jackson, the Reverend W.H. James, Barbara Jenkins, M.J. Jenkins, William Johnson, M.J. Kishner, Josephine M. Pride, Louise Rice, her cousin, William M. Scott, Cornelia Sellers, H. Shelton, Myrtilla J. Sherman, J.E. Simpson, Adele Smith, Eva L Spell, J.D. Taylor, and Pollie Tunstall.

Family letters to Harriet Yancey include those from her son, Roger Yancey, while attending the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute (1918-1921) and the Christiansburg Normal & Industrial Institute (1924-1925), her son, Benjamin Franklin Yancey, Jr. (d.1924), while attending V.T.S. & College, Lynchburg, Virginia (1923), and her daughter, May Yancey, while attending the Virginia Normal and Industrial Institute, Petersburg, Virginia (1920-1928). There are also letters from her grandsons, William R. Eason and Roger M. Yancey, Jr. when he was in the 3703rd Training Squadron, Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas (1950).

The chief correspondents writing to May Yancey include her mother, Harriet Yancey, and her brother, Roger M. Yancey, Howard Johnson, Adele Smith, and William Eason.

Contents List

Box 1
Autograph Book belonging to May E. Yancey 1925
Box 1-2
Christmas and Greeting Cards ca. 1940-1950
Box 1 (5 folders)
Box 2 (2 folders)
Box 2
"The Fighter A Manual for the Soldier and Sailor" belonging to Roger M. Yancey 1920
Box 2
Financial & Legal Papers of the Yancey Family ca. 1899, 1903-1951
Box 2
Financial & Legal Papers of the Yancey Family - Albemarle Home Mutual Fire Insurance Company Notices 1904-1940
Box 2
Financial Papers of the New Hope Baptist Church, Esmont, Virginia 1901-1921, n.d.
Box 2
Financial Papers of the New Hope Baptist Church, Esmont, Virginia - Cancelled Checks 1920
Box 2
Improved Order Shepherds & Daughters of Bethlehem Papers ca. 1911-1927
Box 2
Invitations, including one for May Yancey's graduation from Virginia State College 1914-1950
Box 3
Letters from Benjamin Franklin Yancey, chiefly to his wife, Harriet 1905-1912
Box 3
Letters to Benjamin Franklin Yancey (2 folders) 1908-1915, n.d.
Box 3-4
Letters to Harriet Yancey 1911-1915, n.d.
Box 3 1911-1929 (4 folders)
Box 4 1930-1950, n.d. (3 folders)
Box 4-5
Letters to May E. Yancey 1920-1929, n.d.
Box 4 1920-1925 (7 folders)
Box 5 1926-1929, n.d. (7 folders)
Box 5
Letters to Roger M. Yancey 1918-1919
Box 5
Memoranda, Account Books, & Other Record Books belonging to Benjamin Franklin Yancey but one also used by Harriet Yancey ca. 1910-1918
Memoranda, Guest Book, Address Book & Other Record Books belonging to Harriet Yancey ca. 1920-1951
Box: 5
Miscellaneous Letters 1910-1948, n.d.
Box: 6
Box 6
Miscellaneous Papers, including grades of May E. Yancey & Roger M. Yancey 1914-1950, n.d.
Box 6
News clippings ca. 1925-1950
Box 6
Photographs (2 folders) ca. 1921-1923, n.d.
Box 6
Postcards sent to Harriet Yancey 1911-1953, n.d.
Box 6
School Contracts and Reports 1910-1928, n.d.
Box 6
School Student Work Papers ca. 1910-1925, n.d.
Box 6
Sons of Esmont Lodge No. 7444 of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows 1910-1913, 1939
Box 6
Virginia Daily Register for Esmont Colored School 1914-1915
Oversize S-52
Teacher's Register for Virginia Public Schools ca. 1904-1909
Oversize S-52
"Beyond Uncharted Seas Columbus Finds A New World" poster of a mural by N.C. Wyeth 1928
Oversize S-52
Yancey Family Scrapbook of News clippings ca. 1932-1945
Oversize S-52
Photograph of a Church and its Congregation n.d.
drawer 17
A Pair of Wire Rim Glasses belonging to the Yancey Family n.d.