A Guide to the William Faulkner Collection Faulkner, William. 10485

A Guide to the William Faulkner Collection

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Collection Number
William Faulkner Collection 1931, 1932, n. d.
13 items

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

There are no restrictions on access to the Library's microfilms of the William Faulkner manuscripts in its custody; the microfilm may be consulted by any interested party, and it will be lent through the interlibrary loan system. Materials are constantly added. Long-term loans may be arranged. Use of the microfilm will be restricted to the premises of the borrowing library. No loans will be made to individuals. Researchers should enquire of the Manuscripts Division concerning availability of microfilm of manuscripts that are pertinent to their work. Most of the literary manuscripts in our collections written by Faulkner, both holograph and typescript, have also been published in facsimile in William Faulkner Manuscripts, 25 vols (New York: Garland, 1986-87).

By the terms of the agreement by which the William Faulkner Foundation transferred the original manuscripts to the University, access to the original manuscripts is restricted (to ensure the survival of the physically-delicate originals) to doctoral candidates at the dissertation stage of their programs, and to certain mature scholars and critics. But even these researchers must demonstrate need to see the originals that goes beyond the requirements of most routine research. A doctoral candidate at the dissertation stage, or other qualified researcher who believes that his or her work requires access to the originals must correspond with the Curator of Manuscripts prior to arrival at the Library to obtain permission for access.

No microfilm, electrostatic, or other types of copies may be made of materials written by William Faulkner that are in our William Faulkner Collections. Other materials in the collections may be copied subject to the normal rules of the Library established under the conditions of the Copyright Act. All copying is performed by the Printing Services Department of the University.

Use Restrictions

See the University of Virginia Library’s use policy.

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William Faulkner Collection, Accession 10485, Special Collections Department, University of Virginia Library

Acquisition Information

A purchase by the Library on 5 January 1982.

Funding Note

Funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities

Item Listing

  • Idyll in the Desert, inscribed on cover by William Faulknerto Bennett Cerf
    1931 Dec 3
    TMs19 p. on 19 l.(slipcase)
  • Introduction to the Modern Library edition of Sanctuary, in hand of William Faulkner
    n. d.
    AMs(draft)2 p. on 2 l.(slipcase)
  • William Faulknerto Bennett Cerf
    1931 Apr 15
    TLS 1 p.

    regarding the Modern Library series list

  • William Faulknerto Bennett Cerf
    1931 Dec 27
    ALS 1 p.

    regarding the arrival of the books

  • William Faulknerto Bennett Cerf
    [1932 Sep 7]
    ALS 1 p.

    regarding check for pipe, w/envelope

  • William Faulknerto Bennett Cerf
    n. d.
    ALS 1 p.

    regarding the request of a pipe, bearing a sketch of a pipe

  • William Faulknerto Bennett Cerf
    TLS 1 p.

    regarding the arrival of the pipes

  • William Faulknerto Bennett Cerf
    TLS 1 p.

    regarding motion picture [ Intruder in the Dust]

  • "Estelle and Bill Faulkner" to [ Bennett Cerf]
    n. d.
    Christmas card
  • Bennett Cerfto William Faulkner
    1931 Dec 4

    for $200.00, endorsed by Faulkner on verso

  • "The School of Cruelty," chiefly regarding Sanctuaryby Henry Seidel Canby, from The Saturday Review of Literature
    1931 Mar 21
    Magazine article 2 p. on 2 l.
  • "The Book of the Day," chiefly regarding Sanctuaryby Laurence Stallings, from unidentified newspaper
    Newspaper article 1 p.
  • "To the Voters of Oxford"
    n. d.
    Broadside 1 p.

Significant Persons Associated With the Collection

  • Bennett Cerf
  • Bill Faulkner
  • Henry Seidel Canby
  • Laurence Stallings
  • William Faulkner