A Guide to the Sara Clarke Lippincott/Grace Greenwood Collection Sara Clarke Lippincott/Grace GreenwoodGreenwood, Grace. 7081-d

A Guide to the Sara Clarke Lippincott/Grace Greenwood Collection

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Sara Clarke Lippincott/Grace Greenwood Collection 1844-1903
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Sara Clarke Lippincott/Grace Greenwood Collection, Accession 7081-d, Special Collections Department, University of Virginia Library

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Deposit, 1971 January 21

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Funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities

Item Listing

  • "Effie Mather A tale of New England" by Grace Greenwood
    AMsS, 8 p.

    [Incomplete: pages numbered 1 -4 and 17 -20.]

  • "Reminiscences of Washington Before & During the War" by Grace Greenwood
    1892 December
    AMsS, 11 p.
  • Poem beginning, "Says Juliet, in her balcony,..." signed Grace Greenwood
    [1893 Aug 16]
    AMsS, 1 p.
  • Poem beginning, "Sweet Juliet in her balcony..."
    1859 Mar 1
    AMsS, 1 p.
  • Poem, "To George Peabody" by [ Grace Greenwood]
    AMs, 1 p.
  • Sara J[ane] Clarke[ Grace Greenwood], Warren, Ohio, to Sally Holley, Rochester, New York
    1844 June 2
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Letter of introduction for Mr. Wills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, "a Liberty Abolitionist, and with the ardent devotion of a pilgrim..." who will "attend the convention for the erection of the monument to the memory of your lamented father --" [ Myron Holley(1779-1841)]. Praises Wills as a "champion of Freedom."]

  • Grace Greenwood, Washington, to [Edwin Percy] Whipple(1819-1886)
    1852 Apr 16
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Letter of introduction for W[illiam] T[urner] Coggeshall(1824-1867) of Cincinnati, Ohio, also of the press.]

  • Grace Greenwood, Blackhearth Park, to [George] Virtue(ca. 1793-1868)
    1852 Oct 18
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Thanks him for the offer to bring out one of her juvenile books. Regrets not being able to write a preface because of illness and going to Paris, France. Requests that his proposed alterations to the language be given to [Francis] Bennoch(1812-1890) for approval. Comments that Heads and Tails; Studies and Stories of Petswould be a better book to begin with rather than Recollections of My Childhood, and Other Stories. ]

  • Grace Greenwood, Cleveland, Ohio, to [Anne Lynch] Botta(1815-1891)
    1855 Jul 17
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Letter of introduction for Virginia Wagner, a French-German lady, who wishes to establish herself in this country as a teacher.]

  • Grace Greenwood, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to C[ ] K[ ] Gallup
    1862 Nov 14
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Sends an autograph.]

  • Grace Greenwood, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to [ ] Porter
    1868 Oct 25
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Reminds him of their meeting years ago before asking for a favor; mentions Fanny Fern(1811-1872); comments on wanting to write for the New York Ledgerin addition to the Independentand certain magazines; mentions [Robert] Bonner(1824-1899) in reference to this matter; comments that she wants "to arrive at something like a certainty in regard to my literary work for the coming season --"]

  • Grace [Greenwood], Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to "My dear friend"
    1869 Jan 22
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Relates the importance of their constant friendship. Thanks the recipient for his book and comments on "Lines on a Tea Leaf," a portrait of herself, as being perhaps a little overdrawn. Tries to persuade the recipient to visit Washington, D. C.to regain strength and courage. Mentions her mother's visit and her attendance of the sessions of the "Colored Men's Convention and the Woman's Suffrage Convention," and going to hear Fred[erick] Douglas(1817-1895). Mentions her own "Yankee Sketches" in the Independent. ]

  • Grace Greenwood, Washington, D. C., to "Dear Rebecca"
    1876 Nov 26
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Discusses her illness of the past few weeks. Sends one of [Charles] Dickens' (1812-1870) notes and comments that she has mislaid Jean Ingelow's (1820-1897) autograph.]

  • Grace Greenwood, Washington, D. C., to "My dear child"
    1877 Mar 24
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Sends an autograph.]

  • Grace Greenwood, New York, New York, to [Oliver] Johnson(1809-1889)
    1881 May 14
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Requests assistance in retrieving a copy of her sketch of [ Joseph Massini] from the New York Tribuneand send it to her in care of Mrs. Vincenzo [ Anne Lynch] Botta. ]

  • Grace Greenwoodto [ Edward W.] Bok(1863-1930)
    1887 Dec 5
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Thanks him for the kind words and deeds, including the Jenny Lind(1820-1897) letter. Sends regards to [ Sarah Tittle Barrett] Bolton(1814-1893). Asks to borrow a copy of The Century. ]

  • S[ara] J[ane] Lippincott[ Grace Greenwood], [on letterhead "Shawme Farm, Sandwich, Mass."], to Charles Elmer Rice, Mount Union, Stark County, Ohio
    1890 Jul 10
    ALS, 2 p. w/env

    [Promises to find some autographs, including a Fanny Fernletter, upon her return to her New Yorkhome; mentions Margaret Bailey, Marcellus Reily, Lydia Maria Child(1802-1880), Lucy Stone Blackwell(1818-1893), Elizabeth [Palmer] Peabody(1804-1894), and William Lloyd Garrison(1805-1879).]

  • Grace Greenwood, [New York, New York], to [William Hayes] Ward(1835-1916)
    1890 Nov 20
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Concerns literary matters, including publishing pieces from her Washington "Recollections."]

  • Grace Greenwood, Washington, D. C., to [Henry Chandler] Bowen(1813-1896)
    1893 Apr 18
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Concerns her Washington "Reminiscences" and the method of its publication; mentions [William Hayes] Ward. ]

  • Grace Greenwood, Washington, D. C., to "Dear old Chappie"
    1894 May 23
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Mentions the prose of Charles [Warren] Stoddard(1843-1899) and the death of the Marchese [Della Fonte Filippo] Biscaccianti. ]

  • Grace Greenwood' ("Mrs. S. J. Lippincott"), Washington, D. C., to Gilson Willets(1869- )
    1897 Aug 20
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Regrets that she is unable to assist him with his article (on herself); mentions her homes in Washington, D. C.and New Brighton, Pennsylvaniaand her grandson Herbert Lippincott Winslowand her son-in-law Herbert Hall Winslow. ]

  • Grace Greenwood, Washington, D. C., to Gilson Willets
    1897 Nov 28
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Concerns his article on Greenwood, offering assistance, some photographs and biographical sketches; mentions an oil painting by George P[eter Alexander] Healy(1813-1894).]

  • S[ara] J[ane] Lippincott[ Grace Greenwood], Washington, D. C., to Gilson Willets
    1897 Dec 10
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Curt letter concerning his last letter which did not answer her questions; mentions being involved in duties connected with the illness, death and burial of a dear friend]

  • Sara J[ane] Lippincott[ Grace Greenwood], Washington, D. C., to Gilson Willets
    1897 Dec 11
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Explains what she has done and proposes to do to further his wishes and what her wishes were concerning the article; mentions the photographs and biographical sketches.]

  • Grace Greenwood, New Rochelle, New York, to "My dear friend"
    1903 Aug 12
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Wishes to hear from her friend, mentioning the recipient's recent trip to England; mentions worries over domestic and business affairs; refers to [Henry] Holt(1840-1926) of the Independentand her last batch of "Reminiscences" being mislaid; mentions a letter of hers printed in 1859 located by [William Hayes] Ward. ]

  • Grace Greenwood, New Rochelle, New York, to [Henry] Holt
    1903 Dec 8
    ANS, 2 p.

    [Requests the next to the last manuscript of the reminiscent article be returned.]

  • Grace Greenwoodto [ ] Tyler
    Monday evening
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Concerns letters she has prepared for him.]

  • Sara J[ane] Lippincott[ Grace Greenwood] to [Rufus Wilmot] Griswold(1815-1857)
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Concerns the poems she is sending to him; asks if he wants any biographical notes; requests correspondence to be sent in care of L[ouis] A[ntoine] Godey(1804-1878).]

Significant Persons Associated With the Collection

  • Anne Lynch] Botta
  • C[ ] K[ ] Gallup
  • Charles Elmer Rice
  • Charles [Warren] Stoddard
  • Edward W.] Bok
  • Elizabeth [Palmer] Peabody
  • Fanny Fern
  • Fred[erick] Douglas
  • George P[eter Alexander] Healy
  • Gilson Willets
  • Grace Greenwood
  • Grace [Greenwood]
  • Herbert Hall Winslow
  • Herbert Lippincott Winslow
  • Jean Ingelow
  • Jenny Lind
  • Joseph Massini
  • L[ouis] A[ntoine] Godey
  • Lucy Stone Blackwell
  • Lydia Maria Child
  • Marcellus Reily
  • Margaret Bailey
  • Myron Holley
  • S[ara] J[ane] Lippincott
  • Sally Holley
  • Sara J[ane] Clarke
  • Sara J[ane] Lippincott
  • Sarah Tittle Barrett] Bolton
  • Virginia Wagner
  • W[illiam] T[urner] Coggeshall
  • William Lloyd Garrison
  • [Anne Lynch] Botta
  • [Charles] Dickens
  • [Della Fonte Filippo] Biscaccianti
  • [Edwin Percy] Whipple
  • [Francis] Bennoch
  • [George] Virtue
  • [Henry Chandler] Bowen
  • [Henry] Holt
  • [Oliver] Johnson
  • [Robert] Bonner
  • [Rufus Wilmot] Griswold
  • [William Hayes] Ward
  • [William Hayes] Ward

Significant Places Associated With the Collection

  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • England
  • New Brighton, Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • Paris, France
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Washington, D. C.