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A Guide to the Thomas Sigismond Stribling Collection

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Thomas Sigismond Stribling Collection 1937-1939
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Funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities

Item Listing

  • Description of Thomas Sigismond Striblingby Frank Stone
    1937 Nov 12
    TMs, 1 p.

    [Describes how Stribling came to the Chemical Bank & Trust Company, New York, to pick up a copy of a check list of his publications compiled by Stone; says that Stribling promised Stone one of his manuscripts as payment for Stone's labor of love in compiling Stribling's work; says that Stribling talked about his new novel The Parade of The Wooden Soldiershe had just delivered to DoubledayDoran for publication and he got information on investment trust stocks.]

  • Story, " The Dip"
    TMs,28 p.(carbon)

    [Addressed to Curtis Brown. ]

  • Frank Stoneto Thomas Sigismond Stribling
    1937 Jan 16
    TL,1 p.(carbon)

    [Discusses his collection of Stribling first editions; encloses a clipping from the Herald Tribunewith rare praise of Stribling as a result of the uproar connected with Maybeth Mitchell's book; offers to do a bibliography of Stribling's first editions.]

  • Thomas Sigismond Striblingto [Fred] Frank Stone
    1937 Feb 2
    TLS,1 p.w/env

    [Gives him permission to do a bibliography of his "firsts"; talks of an upcoming trip to New Orleans. ]

  • Thomas Sigismond Striblingto Frank Stone
    1937 May 24
    TLS,1 p.w/env

    [Answers questions in regard to his early publications; suggests second hand book store in New Yorkfor rare copies, especially one of Red Sand; names the magazines in which he published children's stories; offers to have a look at Stone's check list; announces plans to come to New Yorkin the summer.]

  • Frank Stoneto Thomas Sigismond Stribling
    1937 Jun 2
    TL,1 p.(carbon)

    [Encloses a 2 page, typed list of Stribling's works; discusses his progress with the bibliography; says he has not found a copy of Red Sandyet; hopes to get more information from the Library of Congress; asks for more information regarding Stribling's other work.]

  • Frank Stoneto Messrs. Reilly and Lee
    1937 Jun 8
    TL,1 p.(carbon)

    [Tries to get publishing company's help in regard to Stribling's The Cruise of The Drydock, to be published by their predecessor, Reilly & Britton, 1917; presents specific questions.]

  • M. C. Peterson, Reilly & Lee Co., to Frank Stone
    1937 Jun 8
    TLS, 1 p.

    [Says he is unable to locate the records of Reilly & Brittonregarding the publication of the book and that on longtime employee says only one edition was issued; tells him that the plates were destroyed some years ago.]

  • Frank Stoneto Thomas Sigismond Stribling
    1937 Jun 8
    TL,1 p.(carbon)

    [Expresses gratitude for the return of the checklist, the catalogue and a list of short stories that Stribling prepared; says the checklist will appear in Publisher's Weekly; promises to have more questions for him at their meeting in the summer.]

  • H. E. Mauleto Frank Stone
    1937 Jun 9
    TLS, 1 p.

    [Says that the company's records show that there was an edition of 350 copies of Unfinished Cathedralprior to publication in 1934; says there were 250 signed copies, 1935, prior to publication and that no copies of the advance edition are left; suggests advertising in Publishers Weekly. ] (includes autograph note)

  • Frank Stoneto M. C. Peterson
    1937 Jun 10
    TL,1 p.(carbon)

    [Thanks him for the information in regard to The Cruise of the Drydock. ]

  • Frank Stoneto H. E. Maule
    1937 Jun 10
    TL,1 p.(carbon)

    [Thanks him for information given in regard to Stribling's two books and for the advice given to advertise in Publisher's Weekly. ]

  • Frank Stoneto Jacob [Nathaniel] Blanck
    1937 Jun 14
    TL,1 p.(carbon)

    [Sends the checklist; says he has not been able to find a copy of Red Sand; apologizes for sending him a carbon copy; wants to hang on to the original as Thomas Sigismond Striblingmade notations on it.]

  • Frank Stoneto Thomas Sigismond Stribling
    1937 Jul 8
    TL,1 p.(carbon)

    [Promises him copies of Publisher's Weeklywhen the checklist appears in it; says he located a brand new copy of Cruise of The Drydockat a bookshop in New York City; requests some information on he publishing of the book to put it the bibliography.]

  • Frank Stoneto Thomas Sigismond Stribling
    1937 Aug 28
    TL,1 p.(carbon)

    [Sends him a copy of Publisher's Weeklywhich contains a checklist of his works; looks forward to the compilation of the bibliography; says he will ask for information on the location of manuscripts.]

  • C. M. Meredithto Frank Stone
    1937 Sep 24
    ALS,1 p.w/env

    [Informs Stone that he has two different copies of Thomas Sigismond Stribling's book Fombomboand gives a detailed description of the books; forwards this information because Stone's checklist does not mention a "first" and a "later" issue.]

  • Frank Stoneto C. M. Meredith
    1937 Sep 29
    TL,1 p.(carbon)

    [Says he would like to purchase the copy of Fombombobound in grey cloth with green lettering; promises to make further checks on the publication of the book.]

  • Thomas Sigismond Striblingto Frank Stone
    1938 Apr 12
    TLS,1 p.w/env

    [Expresses pleasure that Stone likes Three Bars of Flesh; mentions a complimentary review of it in the New York Times; writes from Floridawhere he is doing short stories; plans to go to Germanythis summer for a lengthy stay.]

  • Thomas Sigismond Striblingto Frank Stone
    1939 Feb 23
    TLS, 1 p.

    [Says he will send a manuscript with Easter greetings for Stone's collection; says the story will appear in the Saturday Evening Post. ]

  • Edith Haggardto Frank Stone
    1939 Feb 28
    TLS, 1 p.

    [Sends him Thomas Sigismond Stribling's manuscript, " The Dip" and a letter, according to Stribling's instructions.]

  • Correction sheet for East is Eastby Thomas Sigismond Stribling
    n. d.
  • Thomas Sigismond Striblingto "Dear Stone"
    n. d.
    TL, 1 p.

    [Includes list of books which contain stories by Stribling.]

Significant Persons Associated With the Collection

  • C. M. Meredith
  • Curtis Brown
  • Edith Haggard
  • Frank Stone
  • H. E. Maule
  • M. C. Peterson
  • Maybeth Mitchell
  • The Cruise of the Drydock
  • Thomas Sigismond Stribling
  • Thomas Sigismond Stribling

Significant Places Associated With the Collection

  • Florida
  • Germany
  • New Orleans
  • New York
  • New York City