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A Guide to the Charles Eliot Norton Collection

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Charles Eliot Norton Collection 1851
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Funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities

Item Listing

  • Preface, "Lectures and Fragments of Lectures by James Russell Lowell" by Charles Eliot Norton
    n. d.
    TMsS, 4 p.

    [Includes author's corrections and addition.] (Bound volume also contains essay "Humor, wit, and fun" and engraving and print of Charles Eliot Norton)

  • Essay, " Humor, wit, and fun" by James Russell Lowell
    n. d.
    TMsS, 24 p.

    [Includes autograph corrections by Charles Eliot Norton. ]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto Charles E. Guild
    1851 Aug 31
    ALS, 5 p.

    [Regards Longfellow and other friends.]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto unknown
    1859 Apr 22
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Thanks correspondent for information pertaining to his Eliotancestors; says a witch jury-man is of special interest; wishes to borrow the Eliot familyprinted genealogy.]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto unknown
    1866 Apr 17
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Refers to a letter by the correspondent which appeared in The North American Review; mentions that [George] Bancroftfled the country on the mere report of the letter's appearance.]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto unknown
    1877 Jul 3
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Informs correspondent that he was chosen to be a member of the Saturday Club. ]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto Houghton, Mifflin & Co.
    1883 May 7
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Expresses thanks for a copy of advance sheets of a new edition of Jones Very's poems; praises the spiritual intensity and sincerity of the poems and is glad that they are published.]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto Editor of CenturyMagazine [ Richard Watson Gilder]
    1884 Jan 23
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Discusses the oldest known portrait of Dante; he states that the portrait in the Bargelloin Florencewas not by Giottobut by one of his pupils.]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto Carl Wilhelm Ernst
    1887 Apr 12
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Thanks him for sending him an article about letters by Goethethat appeared in the Athenaeum. ]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto Edmund Clarence Stedman
    1887 Jul 27
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Refers to John Nortonand permits Stedman to make use of his own writings.]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto Bayard Wyman
    1887 Aug 9
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Refuses a request to write a critical opinion on the work of Tolstoy.]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto George Pellew
    1888 Mar 3
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Replies after having received an article by him in defense of the works of Williams Dean Howells; interprets "realists" and "actualists" among writers, stating that "actualists" are seldom artists of the highest rank and gives examples of both.]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto Richard Watson Gilder
    1890 Mar 28
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Refers to a letter by James Russell Lowellwhich, to his great satisfaction, is in the hands of Gilder for later publication; reports on Lowell's health.]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto Willis Hatfield Hazard
    1893 Feb 1
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Informs him that he might find the passages from the Biblereferred to in the Divine Comedyin an essay " Dante e la Bibbia" by Niccolo Tommaseo. ]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto Robert Underwood Johnson
    1894 Jan 11
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Discusses publication of the James Russell Lowellpapers in the Century. ]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto Henry Paret
    1894 Mar 19
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Sends the requested autograph of his father, Andrews Norton. ]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto the Rev. J[ulius] H[ammond ?] Ward
    1894 Mar 19
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Letter of recommendation regarding J. H. Jones, a student at Harvard, who would like to obtain a position as a reporter at the [Boston ?] Heraldto report on the proceedings and papers of The Schools of Social Ethics; mentions Crawford Howell Toy. ]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto Messrs. Harper Brothers
    1894 Jul 28
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Gives suggestions on how to improve the appearance of the book, Literary and Social Essays, by George William Curtis, which is about to be printed; points out number of misprints in the last volume of From the Easy Chairand makes corrections.]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto Gerard Roberts
    1895 Oct 9
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Thanks him for sending a 30 year old notices from the Atlantic Monthlyof the translation of Vita Nuovaby Norton.]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto Howe
    1896 Jan 22
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Complies with request for titles of books on the art of painting as practiced by the Egyptians.]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto William Gibbs Peckham
    1896 Jun 8
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Recalls a visit to Bryn Mawrwhere he enjoyed a friendly reception by Peckham and his student daughter, who will be coming to Cambridge. ]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto William Gibbs Peckham
    1897 Mar 8
    TLS, 1 p.

    [Includes autograph postscript acknowledging letter and cheque for the Memorial Library in memory of Mr. Child; voices his concern about future national politics; says he has noticed Peckham's name on the list of visiting committees to Harvard. ]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto William Gibbs Peckham
    1898 Apr 13
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Expresses his concern and anxiety about the nation.]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto Hinckley Gilbert [Thomas] Mitchell
    1899 Mar 17
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Gives the requested title of a book containing all of Dante's works: Tutte le Opere di Dante Alighieriby Dr. Edward Moore; mentions the cancellations of one of his readings.]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto unknown
    1900 Oct 26
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Gives a short description of the life of Charles C. Burleigh, an abolitionist and lawyer; comments on Burleigh's friendship with fellow abolitionist James Russell Lowell; mentions William Lloyd Garrison, 1805-1879: The story of his life told by his children. ]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto Franklin Benjamin Sanborn
    1901 Jun 5
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Mentions Ralph Waldo Emersonby Sanborn for the "Beacon Biographies of Eminent Americans" and The Correspondence of Thomas Carlyle and Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1834-1872, which he plans to reissue.]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto William Gibbs Peckham
    1907 Mar 11
    TLS, 1 p.

    [Includes autograph postscript thanking him for the third series of verse from the Harvard Advocate; expresses hope that in this generation there may be one poet of creative originality, etc.]

  • Charles Eliot Nortonto William Gibbs Peckham
    1907 Apr 13
    TLS, 1 p.

    [Thanks him for sending his memorial pamphlet on R. R. Sinclair; points out the merits of Sinclair.]

  • Printed photograph of Charles Eliot Norton, seated
    n. d.

    [In bound volume with TMs of "Humor and Wit."]

  • Printed etching by Hollyer of James Russell Lowell, head and shoulders
    n. d.

    [In bound volume with TMs of "Humor and Wit."]

Significant Persons Associated With the Collection

  • Andrews Norton
  • Bayard Wyman
  • Carl Wilhelm Ernst
  • Charles C. Burleigh
  • Charles E. Guild
  • Charles Eliot Norton
  • Crawford Howell Toy
  • Dante
  • Edmund Clarence Stedman
  • Edward Moore
  • Franklin Benjamin Sanborn
  • George Pellew
  • George William Curtis
  • Gerard Roberts
  • Giotto
  • Goethe
  • Henry Paret
  • Hinckley Gilbert [Thomas] Mitchell
  • J. H. Jones
  • J[ulius] H[ammond ?] Ward
  • James Russell Lowell
  • John Norton
  • Jones Very
  • Niccolo Tommaseo
  • R. R. Sinclair
  • Richard Watson Gilder
  • Robert Underwood Johnson
  • William Gibbs Peckham
  • Williams Dean Howells
  • Willis Hatfield Hazard
  • [George] Bancroft