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A Guide to the John Steinbeck Collection

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John Steinbeck Collection 1934-1964
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Funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities

Item Listing

  • John Steinbeckto [William] A. Gilfry
    1963 Aug 13
    ALS,6 p.w/env

    [Discusses the burdensome quantity of mail, receipt of the Nobel Prize in Literature, finances, lifestyle, the difficulty of giving things away, dogs, the blacks' fight for civil rights and a childhood trip to Big Basin; briefly discusses aftermath of eye surgery, the demands of writing, upcoming travel for the State Department, Robert Frost, Charley's grave, Gilfry's poems, Sea of Cortezand his boys [ Thom Steinbeckand John Steinbeck IV]; mentions New York City, Europe, Air Forces Aid Society, a book [ Bombs Away], England, Santa Cruz County, Californiaand [ Elworthy W. Somerset Word-book]; includes a note in another hand regarding Yale Reviewarticle on verso of envelops and "Answered August 19" on face.]

  • Mavis McIntoshto John Flemming
    1974 Mar 27
    TLS,1 p.w/env

    [Discusses the break-up of John Steinbeck's marriage to Carol Henning Steinbeckas background information for a set of letters Flemming has bought from her, a trip to California, Carol's trip to Hawaii, Gwyndolyn Conger, unfounded claims of pregnancy by both Carol and Gwen, and Carol's moving to New York City; mentions George [Rippey] Stewart, [ McIntosh and Otis Literary Agency], Los Angelesand San Francisco. ]

  • Note of [ Mavis McIntosh] on an envelope stating that the following letters are from May 1941-September 1941
    n. d.
  • John Steinbeckto Mavis [McIntosh]
    [1941] Apr 16
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Discusses marital problems, his telling Carol Henning Steinbeckof his involvement with [ Gwyndolyn Conger], Carol's unwillingness to give him up, claims of pregnancy by Carol and Gwen, his decision to stay with Carol, selling the ranch, buying a house in Pacific Grove, a near breakdown and his work suffering; mentions Elizabeth [R. Otis.]

  • John Steinbeckto Mavis [McIntosh]
    [1941] ca. late Apr Wednesday night
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Discusses his separation from Carol Henning Steinbeck, Carol's going to New York City, Carol's need for McIntosh's support, financial support for Carol and his breakdown; mentions [ Gwyndolyn Conger], [ Pascal Covici. ]

  • John Steinbeckto Mavis [McIntosh]
    TLS, 2 p.

    [Discusses his separation from Carol Henning Steinbeck, marital incompatibilities, Carol's going to New York City, [ Gwyndolyn Conger], [Webster F.] "Toby" Street's financial recommendations, Carol's need for moral support from McIntosh, his breakdown, push for second draft typescript [of Sea Of Cortez], Carol's watch and Gwen's losing her baby.]

  • John Steinbeckto Mavis [McIntosh]
    [1941] Sunday
    TL, 2 p.

    [Discusses his separation from Carol Henning Steinbeck, financial settlement being handled by [Webster F.] "Toby" Street, letters from Carol, his health, work on [ Sea of Cortez], a visit from Carol's father, Carol's mother's feelings towards him, [ Gwyndolyn Conger], receipt of two letters, one from [ Pascal Covici] and [ Antonia Seixas Jackson]; mentions Elizabeth [R. Otis]and Annie Laurie [Williams].]

  • John Steinbeckto Mavis [McIntosh]
    [1941] Friday
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Discusses his work [ Sea of Cortez] as his survival [following his separation from Carol Henning Steinbeck]; [ Antonia Seixas Jackson] beginning the typescript sale of a car and pictures for Sea of Cortez; mentions Carol Henning Steinbeck. ]

  • [ John Steinbeck] to Mavis [McIntosh]
    [1941] Tuesday
    AL, 1 p.

    [Discusses work with [ Antonia Sexias Jackson] on [ Sea of Cortez], his separation from Carol Henning Steinbeckhis health, [Webster F.] "Toby" Street's handling the financial settlement and limited social contacts; mentions [ Pascal Covici], Ritch[ie Lovejoy], [Natalya Lovejoy], Ed[ward Flanders Ricketts]and Elizabeth [R. Otis]. ]

  • John Steinbeckto Mavis [McIntosh]
    [1942 ca. May]Wednesday
    TL, 2 p.

    [Discusses separation from Carol Henning Steinbeck, [ Pascal Covici's ] handling of [ Sea of Cortez], the Mexican book [ The Forgotten Village], financial settlement, [ Gwyndolyn Conger], [Webster F.] "Toby" Streetand Ed[ward Flanders Ricketts]

  • John Steinbeckto Mavis [McIntosh]
    [1941] Saturday
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Discusses [ Pascal Covici's ] handling of [ Sea of Cortez], separation from Carol Henning Steinbeck, Elizabeth [R. Otis], The Red Ponycontract with [Lewis] Milestone, the [ Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer] deal, his dislike for Hollywood, her and Carol's feelings about [ Sea of Cortez], his health, [ Gwyndolyn Conger], The Viking Pressand [ Annie Laurel Williams]; mentions Nuland's father, Stanford University Press, Gone with the Wind, [John] Fordand Donn Byrne. ]

  • John Steinbeckto Mavis [McIntosh]
    [1941 ca late June] Sunday
    TL, 2 p.

    [Discusses [ Sea of Cortez], separation from Carol Henning Steinbeck, his philosophy of life, the ranch, the [ Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer] deal falling through, his health, [" God in the Pipes"] and his father [ John Ernst Steinbeck]; mentions Maine, Carol's father, [ Gwyndolyn Conger], Elizabeth [R. Otis], [ Pascal Covici] and Zarathustra. ]

  • John Steinbeckto Mavis [McIntosh]
    [1941] Thursday
    TL, w/ANS 3 p.

    [Discusses financial settlement with Carol Henning Steinbeck, the contrast between life with Carol and life with [ Gwyndolyn Conger], [ Elizabeth Steinbeck Ainsworth], Ed[ward Ricketts, Jr.], [Webster F.] "Toby" Street, the ranch, the [Lewis] Milestonecontract [ The Red Pony] and an [ Associated Press] rumor report; mentions Ed[ward Flanders Ricketts]. ]

  • John Steinbeckto Elizabeth [R. Otis]and Mavis [McIntosh]
    [1941 ca. Aug]
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Discusses a newspaper article about his and Carol Henning Steinbeck's private life; [ Pascal Covici's ] handling of [ Sea of Cortez], upcoming work, separation from Carol, his health, the ranch, [" God in the Pipes"], The Red Ponyscript with [ Lewis Milestone] and a letter from Carol's sister [ Idell Henning]; mentions Los Angeles, San Francisco, Stanford University Pressand The Viking Press. ]

  • John Steinbeckto Mavis [McIntosh]
    [1941 Sep] Wednesday
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Discusses his relationship with [ Gwyndolyn Conger], separation from Carol Henning Steinbeck, his having been a nuisance to [ McIntosh and Otis Literary Agency], a letter from [ Idell Henning], [ Sea of Cortez] and work with [Lewis] Milestoneon The Red Pony, [" God in the Pipes"]; mentions The Viking Pressand Elizabeth [R. Otis]. ]

Significant Persons Associated With the Collection

  • Annie Laurel Williams
  • Annie Laurie [Williams
  • Antonia Seixas Jackson
  • Antonia Sexias Jackson
  • Carol Henning Steinbeck
  • Donn Byrne
  • Ed[ward Flanders Ricketts]
  • Ed[ward Ricketts, Jr.]
  • Elizabeth Steinbeck Ainsworth
  • Elizabeth [R. Otis.]
  • Elizabeth [R. Otis]
  • George [Rippey] Stewart
  • Gwyndolyn Conger
  • Idell Henning
  • John Ernst Steinbeck
  • John Flemming
  • John Steinbeck
  • John Steinbeck IV
  • Lewis Milestone
  • Mavis McIntosh
  • Mavis [McIntosh]
  • Pascal Covici
  • Ritch[ie Lovejoy]
  • Robert Frost
  • Thom Steinbeck
  • Zarathustra
  • [John] Ford
  • [Lewis] Milestone
  • [Natalya Lovejoy]
  • [Webster F.] "Toby" Street
  • [William] A. Gilfry

Significant Places Associated With the Collection

  • Big Basin
  • California
  • England
  • Europe
  • Hawaii
  • Hollywood
  • Los Angeles
  • Maine
  • New York City
  • Pacific Grove
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Cruz County, California