A Guide to the Robert Lowell (1816-1891) Collection Lowell, Robert. 7843

A Guide to the Robert Lowell (1816-1891) Collection

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Robert Lowell (1816-1891) Collection 1864-1891
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Item Listing

  • Robert Lowellto Julius Hammond Ward
    1864 Jul 19
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Discusses The New Priest in Conception Bay, about which Rev. Ward has written in The Christian Examiner; says his brother, James Russell Lowell, did not help in the making of the character "Bangs," that he had no help from anyone, except for some deletions in the second edition which Caleb Sprague Henrysuggested; says that, although in poetry, he cannot make "fun," as his brother can, he needs no help with prose; disclaims familiarity with writings to which others have likened The New Priest; mentions the unsympathetic, slighting way of Charles Eliot Nortonand Robert Lowell's brother, James, both with the North American Review; expresses the hope of a visit to Duanesburgby Ward; discusses several characters in The New Priest; mentions Mr. Tucker, George Herbert, John Keble. ]

  • Robert Lowellto Julius Hammond Ward
    1865 Jul 4
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Answers a letter from Ward concerning a visit to Duanesburg; expresses a hope that the delay in his answer will not keep Ward and the Rev. Tucker from visiting him; says that, since he is crippled from an injury, he will not be able to meet them in Albany & Susquehanna Railroad; says he is also writing to Ward's address in Ansonia, Connecticut; speaks of an upcoming trip on a steam frigate; sends compliments to Tucker and William Buell Sprague. ]

  • Robert Lowellto Julius Hammond Ward
    1865 Jul 6
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Sends regrets, a duplicate having gone to William Buell Sprague, that he must leave on the frigate for a trip of three or four weeks; expresses hope that Ward's visit can be postponed.]

  • Robert Lowellto Julius Hammond Ward
    1865 Aug 12
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Mentions the pleasure Ward's visit gave to the rural people near the Hudson River, and to his family; discusses enlarging the rectory; mentions Bishop Philander Chase. ]

  • Robert Lowellto Julius Hammond Ward
    1866 Jan 23
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Comments on the doggerel in the Round Table; asks if Ward received his hymn in the first draft; states that Thomas Hughesdoes the Lowell familytoo much honor in saying eight members died in the Civil War, three of whom ( Stephen George Perkins, Robert Gould Shaw, and one of the Russells), belong to other families; refers to an article by Thomas Hughes, "Young Heroes of the Civil War" (published as "Peace On Earth" in Macmillan Magazine, London, January 1866); article states that eight members of the Lowell familydied in the Civil War.]

  • Robert Lowellto Julius Hammond Ward
    1866 Sep 19
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Mentions unfulfilled hopes that Ward would visit; discusses work on enlarging the rectory; mentions Tucker's current employment and the Church Monthly. ]

  • Robert Lowellto Julius Hammond Ward
    1875 Apr 26
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Expresses pleasure that Ward is moving to a parish in Marblehead, Massachusetts; praises Newfoundlanders and other British fishermen as kindly and loving; mentions reviews of Antony Brade, A Story of a School, in The American Church Reviewand Scribner's Monthly, and one to be in International Review; hopes to visit him in Marblehead. ]

  • Robert Lowellto Julius Hammond Ward
    1878 Nov 14
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Thanks him for his critique of A Story or Two from an Old Dutch Townin The Times; discusses the way the American-Dutch characters in the stories were made and that the Dutch like the book; acknowledges that those who didn't like Antony Bradewill not forget their unkindness and hopes other higher guides of opinion will approve; mentions William Eliot Griffisand his book The Mikado's Empire, Soloman Stoddard, Whitesuntide at Pinkster Hill in Schenectady, The Christian Intelligencer, and some fictional characters.]

  • Robert Lowellto Julius Hammond Ward
    1881 Nov 9
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Expresses satisfaction with the part Ward will have in Bishop William Stevens Perry's The History of the American Episcopal Church, 1587-1883; comments that a serious medical problem has kept him from intellectual work and that he has been idle except for six months in his old rector's job in Duanesburg; and offer from a publisher for a new book has had to wait; mentions Mary Ann Duane Lowell. ]

  • Robert Lowellto Julius Hammond Ward
    1887 May 20
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Thanks him for his sympathy on the death of his son; discusses his son's good character; states that Ward deserves good pay for his work and asks if it would be improper, in writing to Henry Mason Baum, to say that if he still wants his articles it may be possible to arrange matters; mentions writing to Roberts Brothersrequesting that Ward be sent some books.]

  • Robert Lowellto Julius Hammond Ward
    1887 May 27
    ALS, 3 p.

    [States that he has not heard from Roberts Brothersand fears that they will not be able to buy a copy of The New Priest, that Roberts Brothersholds the plates, hoping to bring out a new edition after he has given them another novel to publish; fearing that "out of print" means "out of stock," he is sending a copy of the first edition of The New Priestand a second edition of Poems, and that Roberts Brotherscan supply their later publications; discusses how he has not fulfilled others' expectation of him; mentions Levi Hedge, Frederic Henry Hedge. ]

  • Robert Lowellto Julius Hammond Ward
    1887 Jul 5
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Discusses Ward's being cheated regarding a horse and offering to help find another (including a passage in Latin regarding his own experiences with horses); tells him to do as he likes about he paper for Critic; discusses the style of portrait he has selected for the frontispiece, as the article will be given first place; mentions that Henry Mason Baumasked for some "points" from Edward Josiah Stearns, which Robert Lowellmust now forward.]

  • Robert Lowellto Julius Hammond Ward
    1888 Mar 20
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Thanking Ward for his letter of sympathy regarding his son's death; discusses the Lord's handling of the death, that overwork killed his son, and that Ward should slow down, including not writing that article on Robert Lowell, unless he's paid and it is done in lieu of other work; discusses the history of attempts to get the article, "Dr. Robert Lowelland His Writings," written; mentions a portrait; mentions Henry Mason Baum, Epephanius Wilson, Edward Josiah Stearns, Francis Alexander, Chester Harding, The American Church Review. ]

  • Robert Lowellto an unidentified man
    1890 Mar 7
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Expresses pleasure at hearing from him, mentions his "office and success in Glasgow" and "Mess. Phillips & Sampson's day"; includes a detailed autobiography and a list of his writing; mentions Washington Allston, Joseph Green Cogswell, George Bancroft, Levi Hedge, Frederic Henry Hedge, Wendell Phillips, Alonzo Potter, Alexander Viets Griswold, James Duane, the Rev. P. M., Benjamin Franklin Butler, Atlantic Monthly, Atlantic Tales. ]

  • Robert Lowellto Julius Hammond Ward
    1891 Aug 8
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Discusses his lack of respect for "newspaper theology" and keeping up with the recent religious controversy; mentions several articles attributed to Ward; states that he was opposed to the choice of Phillips Brooksfor bishop; mentions his recovery from his fourth attack of winter cholera.]

Significant Persons Associated With the Collection

  • Alexander Viets Griswold
  • Alonzo Potter
  • Benjamin Franklin Butler
  • Caleb Sprague Henry
  • Charles Eliot Norton
  • Chester Harding
  • Edward Josiah Stearns
  • Epephanius Wilson
  • Francis Alexander
  • Frederic Henry Hedge
  • George Bancroft
  • George Herbert
  • Henry Mason Baum
  • James Duane
  • James Russell Lowell
  • John Keble
  • Joseph Green Cogswell
  • Julius Hammond Ward
  • Levi Hedge
  • Mary Ann Duane Lowell
  • Philander Chase
  • Phillips Brooks
  • Robert Gould Shaw
  • Robert Lowell
  • Soloman Stoddard
  • Stephen George Perkins
  • Thomas Hughes
  • Washington Allston
  • Wendell Phillips
  • William Buell Sprague
  • William Eliot Griffis
  • William Stevens Perry

Significant Places Associated With the Collection

  • Ansonia, Connecticut
  • Duanesburg
  • Glasgow
  • Hudson River
  • London
  • Marblehead
  • Marblehead, Massachusetts
  • Schenectady