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Item Listing

  • "Lossing's Field Book of the Revolution," article by Benson John Lossing
    [1852 September]
    AMS, 7 p.

    [Published as a letter to the editor of The American Whig Review(Oct. 1852); critical of the article "Lossing's Field Book of the Revolution" ( American Whig Review, Sept. 1852)]

  • " John Wakefield Francis" (obituary by Benson John Lossing)
    AMS, 3 p.
  • " Henry Wadsworth Longfellow" (biography by Benson John Lossing)
    [Post 1882 March 24]
    AMS, 6 p.
  • Short quotation about uttering truths
    AMsS, 1 p.
  • Benson John Lossingto John Wingate Thorntonwith printed circular attached
    1852 January 30
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Explains why he has not returned the paroles which he is using in the appendix to the Pictorial Field Book of the Revolution. Refers to the attached circular which requests material for the Pictorial Field-Book of the War of 1812and a history of the French domain and advertises his Pictorial Field Book of the Revolution. Outlines how he plans to approach the upcoming projects, including extensive travel to collect material. Mentions: Florida, Andrew Jackson, John Burgoyne, Quebec, Fond du Lac, French Jesuits and traders, New Orleans, Creek County. ]

  • Benson John Lossingto Elizabeth Oakes Smith
    1855 November 3
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Thanks her for her rebuke of something published in the Daily Timesof that day. Expresses shock at "The indecency of your assailant's words and innuendos." A handwritten note on the back page says, "Mr. Lossing here refers to an attack upon me by Anne Estelle ? Lewis. "]

  • Benson John Lossingto William A. Whitman
    1859 February 26
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Acknowledges receipt of and thanks for a photograph of Peale's ( ? Charles Willson Pealeor James Peale) etching of George Washingtonin 1787. Says he would appreciate having the photograph of a map he offered to send. Adds that he would like anything of the "hoary" past which he can send him. Relates some quotations in describing himself.]

  • Benson John Lossingto James Lorimer Graham, Jr.
    1859 October 15
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Explains why he has not written sooner. Regrets that he cannot help him, though he is flattered by Graham's intention to illustrate Lossing's Pictorial Field Book of Revolutionfor presentation to the historical society. Explains that he has few autographs and no duplicates. Says the papers he has used were borrowed and that the papers Graham saw in his room were placed in the state archives in Albany. Mentions that the papers of Philip John Schuylerwhich he now has will probably be placed in "our Historical Society." Mentions: The Life and Times of Philip Schuyler. ]

  • Benson John Lossingto Edwin Denison Morgan
    1862 September 10
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Asks for a promotion for William Henry? Adriance to lieutenant in the 24th (Oswego) regiment. Mentions his bravery in "the late 3 days' battles in Virginia. " Gives background of attempts by others to gain his promotion. Mentions: Dewitt Clinton Littlejohn, Col. Rotch (in other handwriting in upper left corner.)]

  • Justus Starr Redfieldto Benson John Lossing
    1863 January 3
    ALS, 10 p.

    [Mentions a letter from Lossing which didn't reach him. Expresses his regret at how little he has to show for 53 years of life. Mentions the loss of first his means of living and now his health (to "breakbone fever" [dengue]). Discusses the false belief that Italy's climate is beneficial to invalids. Mentions the prevalence of both intermittent fever and influenza. Describes in depth the houses and humidity. Speaks of his wife Elizabeth Eaton Jones Redfield's pulmonary problems. Says there is much to interest the traveller, but that a knowledge of the Italian language and history, as well as Greek history, is essential. Gives a brief history of Otraunto, including its sacking by the Turks in 1480. Mentions his own lack of knowledge of the area and his desire to write its history. Gives a colorful description of the olive trees. Speaks of the "imbecility" ruling in the United Statesand expresses his wish to have Thomas Jonathan (Stonewall) Jacksoncommanding the North instead of Abraham Lincoln, his Cabinet and "half of his biggest generals." Compares the Battle of Fredericksburg(12/13 and 12/14) to the Battle at Richmondand the Bull Run Campaign. Begs Lossing to stop overworking himself and says his histories will benefit from his traveling to Europenow and writing later. Expresses pleasure that Archie is doing well and sends his and his wife's regards to Archie and his family. Mentions: Early Christians, Helen Sweet Lossing, Archie's mother, William Charles Redfield, John Gadsby Chapman, Temple of Minerva, Tarauto (Italy), Naples (Italy), Mahometanism, Joseph Kenny Meadows' "Falstaff."]

  • Benson John Lossingto C. McAllister
    1865 July 28
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Mentions his failure to acknowledge McAllister's letter with an offer of assistance. Thanks him for the photo of Bishop Potter ( ? Alonzo Potteror Horatio Potter). Says he's busy readying volume 1 of his Pictorial History (later Field Book) of the Civil War in the United States of America, (probably) for the press. Mentions that Lewis "Lew" Wallaceand his wife Susan Arnold Wallaceare their guests and that he spent the day before with Gen. Crawford (probably Samuel Wylie Crawford). Expresses hope for restoration of Mrs. McAllister's health and says a visit at Benson John Lossing's in the fall should be the finishing touch. Mentions: Fanny.]

  • Benson John Lossingto Charles Chauncey Burr
    1866 September 12
    AL, 1 p.

    [Says Harper and Brothersare about to put his Pictorial Field Book of the War of 1812in type. Mentions an included sketch of the history of the two political parties of that time. Asks where he can find a copy of a 7-29-1792 letter from George Washingtonto Alexander Hamiltonregarding Hamilton's uttering of "Shameless political sentiment. Mentions: A Youth's History of the Great Civil War in the United States from 1861 to 1865by Rushmore G. Horton. ]

  • Benson John Lossingto Col. Frank M. Etting
    1867 November 11
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Answers a June 1866 letter which had arrived while he was in the South and had just surfaced. Says he wrote to Brantz Mayerfor Etting's address. Encloses some photographs and returns the autographs of Count Rumford (pseudonym of Benjamin Thompson). Speaks of his procrastination in making a drawing of the seal, but says he has now done both it and the signature. Asks if he has the motto on the ribbon, tells how he reads it and questions the repeat of the word "lege." Mentions Edward Young. ]

  • Benson John Lossingto Harvey Gridley Eastman
    1870 July 4
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Regrets that he can't take part in the dedication of a memorial fountain honoring the soldiers of Duchess County. Describes a "soldier's monument" in Honesdale, PA, and expresses a desire for a similar one in Poughkeepsienear the fountain. Calls the objections of others to such a monument un-American. Mentions a sketch of the Honesdaleone, which he promised to send to General smith but has mislaid. Mentions: Romans.]

  • Benson John Lossingto Samuel Ward Francis
    1871 December 26
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Thanks Francis for the copy of the Newport Daily Newscontaining the notice of the death of Henry Theodore Tuckerman. Says Evert Augustus Duyckinckhas just recommended that he ask Tuckermant to write a notice of Joseph Green Cogswellfor Lossing's new magazine (probably American Historical Record and Repertory of Notes and Queries), a prospectus of which is enclosed. Says he has prepared an obituary of Tuckerman. Says the evening paper reports the death of Sidney Edwards Morris. ]

  • Benson John Lossingto Charles Colcock Jones
    1873 January 11
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Mentions seeing the prints of ? "Diez" at Mr. Pierson's, the engraver. Says he told Pierson to send Jones 36 copies without charge and wonders if Jones received them.]

  • Benson John Lossingto Lewis Jacob Cist
    1874 June 1
    ALS, 3 p.

    [Thanks for the letter and enclosures. Regrets not receiving the Cincinnati Commericalwith its notice of Cist's collection in time to put a notice in the June issue. Says he received the catalogue a few days ago. Says apparently the notice didn't reach the publishers in time. Explains the publishing schedule of the American Historical Record and Repertory of Notes and Queries. Sympathizes with Cist's push with engagements and expresses appreciation of Cist's sending autographs. Discusses Vassar College, of which he has been trustee and cooperator. Says he will send a catalogue for this term.]

  • Benson John Lossingto William Leete Stone
    1875 February 16
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Regrets that he can't subscribe to Stone's book due to financial problems. Mentions hard times affecting book sales and paying for stock for the farm.]

  • Benson John Lossingto Helen Sweet Lossing
    1882 September 28
    ALS, 4 p.

    [Writes from a church convention describing his schedule and mentioning several conferences. Says Morgan Dixis seeking someone to write a history of Trinity Church. Says he is watching the papers for news of a certain ship being in port and will go on board to see Edwin if it is. Wishes Miriam and Alice could go on board with him and lays out a plan for their possible visit. Speaks briefly of his accommodations. Mentions: Mr. Weills, wife and daughter; Henry L. Ziegenfuss; Stephen H. Synnot; Robert Fulton Crary; Le Grand Dodge; Mr. Sandford; William A. Davies; Sheldon Davis; Philander Kinney Cady; Horatio Potter; Mrs. Van Riper; "Pet"; Mr. Segelken.]

  • Benson John Lossingto Tristram Coffin
    1888 June 2
    ALS, 2 p.

    [Thanks Coffin for his letters and his interest in Lossing's autographs. Says he doesn't mean to sell them singly, but would be willing to sell the letter about which Coffin wrote. Asks for prices brought by various autographed letters at the Burnham Sale. Says he and Dr. Fogg have corresponded for twenty years. Says Fogg supplied one of the drawings engraved in his Pictorial History (later Field Book) of the Civil War in the United States of America. Mentions some information he recently supplied Fogg and his intention to write Fogg about his own collection. Thanks Coffin for suggestions concerning Fogg and the arrangement of annotations of Lossing's autographs. Expresses a desire to see the letters Coffin purchased at the sale. Speaks of much time spent cataloguing his own autographs. Thanks Coffin forallowing him to keep his Poore ? catalogue. Mentions: George Washington; Nathanael Greene; William Heath; John Stark. ]

  • Benson John Lossingto Helen R. M. Lossing
    1889 March 22
    ALS, 1 p.

    [Expresses sorrow at her illness; pleasure that she is better. Tells her not to worry about portraits. Tells her he has received three copies of "our book" (probably Hours with the Living Men and Women of the Revolution) from Funk and Wagnalls. Says she shouldn't feel that writing him is a necessity.]

  • Copyright agreement between Benson John Lossingand Mason Brothers(publishers) of New York Cityregarding publication of The Life and Times of Philip Schuyler
    1860 December 18
    Printed DS, 3 p.

    [ Mason Brothersis the firm name for Lowell Marson, Jr.and Daniel Gregory Mason. The document was witnessed by M. Aynes. ]

  • Agreement among Benson John Lossing, Francis Bakerand George Edward Perineconcerning a projected history of New York Cityto be edited and arranged for the press by Benson John Lossing
    1880 November 3
    ADS, 2 p.

    [It was witnessed by Helen R. M. Lossingand Y. L. Perine. In [1844] Perine published History of New York Cityby Benson John Lossing; illustrations were engraved on steel by Perine.]

  • "Memorandum" by Benson John Lossingconcerning loan from Ulysses Coleof Poughkeepsie
    1881 July 18
    ANS, 2 p.

    [Relates the history of the loan, which Cole forgave orally on July 17, 1881, saying he would destroy the note. A short memorandum dated May 1, 1886, says that Cole died without cancelling the note and that Benson John Lossinghas paid in full. Mentions: Helen, Fanny, Panic of 1873.]

Significant Persons Associated With the Collection

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • Alonzo Potter
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Anne Estelle ? Lewis
  • Benjamin Thompson
  • Benson John Lossing
  • Brantz Mayer
  • C. McAllister
  • Charles Chauncey Burr
  • Charles Colcock Jones
  • Charles Willson Peale
  • Daniel Gregory Mason
  • Dewitt Clinton Littlejohn
  • Edward Young
  • Edwin Denison Morgan
  • Elizabeth Eaton Jones Redfield
  • Elizabeth Oakes Smith
  • Evert Augustus Duyckinck
  • Francis Baker
  • Frank M. Etting
  • George Edward Perine
  • George Washington
  • Harvey Gridley Eastman
  • Helen R. M. Lossing
  • Helen Sweet Lossing
  • Henry L. Ziegenfuss
  • Henry Theodore Tuckerman
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • Horatio Potter
  • James Lorimer Graham, Jr.
  • James Peale
  • John Burgoyne
  • John Gadsby Chapman
  • John Stark
  • John Wakefield Francis
  • John Wingate Thornton
  • Joseph Green Cogswell
  • Joseph Kenny Meadows
  • Justus Starr Redfield
  • Lewis "Lew" Wallace
  • Lewis Jacob Cist
  • Lowell Marson, Jr.
  • M. Aynes
  • Morgan Dix
  • Nathanael Greene
  • Philander Kinney Cady
  • Philip John Schuyler
  • Robert Fulton Crary
  • Rushmore G. Horton
  • Samuel Ward Francis
  • Samuel Wylie Crawford
  • Sheldon Davis
  • Sidney Edwards Morris
  • Stephen H. Synnot
  • Susan Arnold Wallace
  • Thomas Jonathan (Stonewall) Jackson
  • Tristram Coffin
  • Ulysses Cole
  • William A. Davies
  • William A. Whitman
  • William Charles Redfield
  • William Heath
  • William Henry
  • William Leete Stone
  • Y. L. Perine

Significant Places Associated With the Collection

  • Albany
  • Creek County
  • Duchess County
  • Europe
  • Florida
  • Fredericksburg
  • Honesdale
  • Honesdale, PA
  • Italy
  • Naples (Italy)
  • New Orleans
  • New York City
  • Otraunto
  • Poughkeepsie
  • Quebec
  • Richmond
  • Tarauto (Italy)
  • United States
  • Virginia