A Guide to the Warren County (Va.) Circuit Court Records, 1836-1924 Warren County (Va.)Circuit Court Records, 1836-1924 1013618-1096595 circa

A Guide to the Warren County (Va.) Circuit Court Records, 1836-1924

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Barcode numbers: 1013618-1096595 circa


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Barcode numbers
1013618-1096595 circa
previous hitWarren County next hit (Va.) Circuit Court Records, 1836-1924
Physical Characteristics
2.1 cu. ft. (6 boxes) and 17 volumes.
previous hitWarren County next hit (Va.) Circuit Court.
State Records Center - Archives Annex, Library of Virginia

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previous hitWarren County next hit (Va.) Circuit Court Records, 1836-1924. Local government records collection, previous hitWarren County next hit Court Records. The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Va. 23219.

Acquisition Information

These items came to the Library of Virginia in a shipment of court papers from previous hitWarren County next hit.

Historical Information

previous hitWarren County next hit was named for Joseph Warren, the revolutionary patriot who sent Paul Revere and William Dawes on their famous rides and who was killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill. The county was formed from Frederick and Shenandoah counties in 1836.

A Docket is a brief record of proceedings in a court of justice. It usually gives the style of the suit and the date the court first dealt with it. Sometime it gives the date the suit was removed from the docket.

An executions is a court order directing a sheriff or other officer to enforce a judgment, usually by seizing and selling the judgment debtor's property. An Execution Books lists executions sued out or pending in the sheriff's office. It shows notices of process, names of all parties, amount of judgment, date of execution, return date and sheriff's return.

An issue is the act of issuing or promulgating; e.g. to issue an order or writ. An issue docket is the record of issuance, showing parties' names, actions, and remarks.

Fee Books are volumes showing the date of a duty performed by the clerk, the name of the person paying the fees, and the amount. It includes the fees charged attorneys, cash accounts, and the clerk's fees in common law and chancery cause.

Scope and Content

previous hitWarren County next hit (Va.) Circuit Court Records, 1836-1924 contains Executions, Executions Returned, Issue Dockets, Chancery Issue Dockets, Chancery Rule Book B, Witness Attendance Book, Receiver's Books, Common Law Issues, Execution Book, Fee Books and Chancery Fee Book.

Related Material

Additional previous hitWarren County Court Records can be found on microfilm at the Library of Virginia. Consult "A Guide to Virginia County and City Records on Microfilm"

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  • previous hitWarren County next hit (Va.) Circuit Court
  • Subjects:

  • Circuit courts--Virginia
  • Court records--Virginia--previous hitWarren County next hit
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  • previous hitWarren County next hit (Va.)--History
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  • Judicial records--Virginia--previous hitWarren County next hit
  • Local government records--Virginia--previous hitWarren County next hit
  • Public records--Virginia--previous hitWarren County next hit

Contents List

Barcode numbers 1013618, 1013622: Executions Returned, 1836-1860

Barcode Number 1013618 contains Executions Returned, 1836-1860 are in Box 232. Barcode Number 1013622 contains Executions Returned, 1841-1844 are in Box 233.

Barcode numbers 1013623-1013624, 1013626, 10123629: Executions, 1852-1892

Barcode Number 1013626 contains Executions, 1852-1886, Box 238. Barcode Number 1013624 contains Executions, 1859-1869, Box 240. Barcode Number 1013623 contains Executions, 1869-1872,Box 241. Barcode Number 1013629 contains Executions, 1872-1892, Box 242.

Barcode numbers 1096408, 1096414: Issue Dockets, 1852-1880

Barcode Number 1096414 contains Issue Docket, 1852-1871. Barcode Number 1096408 contains Issue Docket, 1871-1880.

Barcode numbers 1096409-1096412: Chancery Issue Docket, 1873-1895

Barcode Number 1096409 contains Chancery Issue Docket, 1873-1875. Barcode Number 1096410 contains Chancery Issue Docket, 1876-1878. Barcode Number 1096411 contains Chancery Issue Docket, 1879-1883. Barcode Number 1096412 contains Chancery Issue Docket, 1884-1895.

Barcode number 1096437: Chancery Issue Docket, 1896

This book contains issues made for Chancery Causes.

Barcode number 1096448: Chancery Rule Book B, 1879-1914

Rules was a session of the Court. Chancery Causes were first heard in the Rules before they were heard in the Chancery Court.

Barcode number 1096496: Witness Attendance Book, 1871-1887

This book contains the names of the witness called to appear at court for judgments, criminal cases, and or chancery causes.

Barcode numbers 1096541, 1096551: Receiver's Books, 1851-1896

Barcode Number 1096541 contains Receiver's Book, 1851-1860. Barcode Number 1096551 contains Receiver's Book, 1853-1896.

Barcode number 1096568: Common Law Issues, 1880-1889

This record contains issue of the Common Law Court.

Barcode number 1096571: Execution Book, Volume B, 1883-1924

Execution Book, Volume B, 1883-1924.

Barcode numbers 1096592-1096594: Fee Books, 1871-1899 (bulk 1871-1881)

Barcode Number 1096593 contains Fee Book, 1871-1881. Barcode Number 1096594 contains Fee Book, 1883-1889. Barcode Number 1096592 contains Fee Book, 1893-1899.

Barcode number 1096595: Chancery Fee Book, 1893-1899

This book records the fees collected for Chancery Causes.