A Guide to the Craig County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1853-1912 Craig County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1853-1912 Craig County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1853-001-1912-011

A Guide to the Craig County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1853-1912

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Chancery Records Index: Craig County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1853-001-1912-011


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Chancery Records Index:
Craig County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1853-001-1912-011
Craig County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1853-1912
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Craig County (Va.) Circuit Court.
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Craig County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1853-1912. (Cite style of suit and chancery index no.). Local Government Records Collection, Craig County Court Records. The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.

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Chancery Causes are cases of equity. According to Black's Law Dictionary they are "administered according to fairness as contrasted with the strictly formulated rules of common law." A judge, not a jury, determines the outcome of the case.

Craig County was named for Robert Craig, a nineteenth-century Virginia congressman. The county was formed from Botetourt, Roanoke, Giles, and Monroe (now in West Virginia) Counties in 1851, and several subsequent additions were made from Alleghany (1856), Giles (1858), Monroe (1853 and 1856), and Montgomery (1853) Counties. The county seat is New Castle.

Scope and Content

Craig County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1853-1912, are indexed into the Chancery Records Index. Cases are identified by style of suit consisting of plaintiff and defendant names. Surnames of others involved in a suit, including secondary plaintiffs and defendants, witnesses, deponents and affiants, and family members with surnames different from the plaintiff or defendant are indexed. Chancery causes often involved the following: divisions of estates or land, disputes over wills, divorces, debt, and business disputes. Predominant documents found in chancery causes include bills (plaintiff's complaint), answers (defendant's response), decrees (court's decision), depositions, affidavits, correspondence, lists of heirs, deeds, wills, business records, or vital statistics, among other items. Plats, if present, are noted, as are wills from localities with an incomplete record of wills or localities other than the one being indexed.

Chancery causes are useful when researching local history, genealogical information, and land or estate divisions. They are a valuable source of local, state, social, and legal history and serve as a primary source for understanding a locality's history.

Related Material

Additional Craig County Court Records can be found on microfilm at The Library of Virginia web site. See A Guide to Virginia County and City Records on Microfilm

See the Chancery Records Index to search for chancery suits of additional Virginia localities.

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    Corporate Names:

  • Craig County (Va.) Circuit Court.
  • Subjects:

  • African Americans--History.
  • Business enterprises--Virginia--Craig County.
  • Debt--Virginia--Craig County.
  • Divorce suits--Virginia--Craig County.
  • Equity--Virginia--Craig County.
  • Estates (Law)--Virginia--Craig County.
  • Land subdivision--Virginia--Craig County.
  • Geographical Names:

  • Craig County (Va.)--History.
  • Genre and Form Terms:

  • Chancery causes--Virginia--Craig County.
  • Deeds--Virginia--Craig County.
  • Judicial records--Virginia--Craig County.
  • Land records--Virginia--Craig County.
  • Local government records--Virginia--Craig County.
  • Plats--Virginia--Craig County.
  • Wills--Virginia--Craig County.

Selected Suits of Interest

1867-001, Ella V. Chappel by etc. vs. John W. Chappel.

Divorce suit: married a Union soldier who turned out to be a horse thief using an alias

1873-007, Henry Reynolds vs. John Donahoe.

Confederate soldier substitute issue.

1877-012, Admr. of Martha Reynolds vs. John C Reynolds etc.

inheritance suit involving illegitimate child

1880-032, James L. Bowen vs. Admr. of James W. Bowen, etc.

Railroad accident killed a Confederate soldier coming home from Union prison camp

1882-022, Sarah Wiley vs. John S. Wiley.

Relatives withholding federal pension from female plaintiff

1886-005, Allen Huffman vs. Mary Virginia Huffman (alias Mary Jane Huffman)

A group of people attempted to tar and feather adulterous wife but failed because they could not find any tar.

1890-010, David Webb vs. Daniel Huffman, etc.

Includes deposition of J. Chapman Reed about his Civil War service with William. W. Webb.

1896-013, John A. Caldwell vs. Craig City Improvement Company

Suits includes maps and depositions related to plans to develop mineral industry and town.

1908-011, Admr. of Andrew McCartney vs. F. B. McCartney etc.

Andrew McCartney was whiskey dealer or saloon owner. Suit includes acount books that record transactions related to his liquor business. They were used as exhibits. A letter found in one of the account books deals with his objections to laws that forbade selling under certain amounts of liquor near factories.