A Guide to the Ball Family Papers, 1650-1864 Ball Family, Papers, 1650-1864 18770a

A Guide to the Ball Family Papers, 1650-1864

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Ball Family Papers, 1650-1864
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Ball Family
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Personal Papers Collection, Acc. 18770a

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Ball Family. Papers, 1650-1864. Accession 18770a. Personal papers collection. The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Emma Road Ball, 24 December 1923

Biographical Information

Burgess Ball was born 28 July 1749 at Bewdley in Lancaster County, Virginia, to Jeduthan Ball (1725-1749/50) and Elizabeth Burgess. Ball served as an aide to George Washington (1732-1799), a relative, during the early years of the American Revolution. He was appointed captain in the 5th Virginia Regiment, then on 17 December 1777, he was appointed lieutenant colonel in the 1st Virginia Infantry. After the war, he moved from Lancaster County to Stafford County, Virginia, and built Traveler's Rest. By 1793, he had relocated to Loudoun County, Virginia. Ball married first Mary Chichester (1753-1775) 1 July 1770, and they had two children including Burgess Ball (1773-1793). He married second Frances Thornton Washington (1763-1815), a niece of George Washington, 7 April 1781, and they had eight children. One of their children was Charles Burgess Ball (14 December 1793-2 July 1823) who became a practicing physician in Loudoun County. He married Lucy Throckmorton Potter (1793-1870) 14 January 1814, and they had five children, including Charles Burgess Ball (17 February 1822-14 April 1883). Charles Burgess Ball represented Loudoun County in the Virginia House of Delegates in 1849-1850, 1852-1853, 1857-1858, and 1859-1861. He represented the county in the state senate from 1861 to 1865. Ball married Emma Read 27 May 1852, and they had five children. Ball died in Richmond, Virginia.

Scope and Content Information

Papers, 1650-1864, of the Ball family of Lancaster, Stafford, and Loudoun Counties, Virginia, consisting of bonds, contracts, deeds, genealogical notes, judicial records, land patents, legal opinions, letters, military orders, military rosters, money, petitions, powers of attorney, and regulations. Papers contain land patents and deeds for land in Lancaster, Prince William, Spotsylvania, and Northumberland Counties, Virginia; judicial records for the Virginia General Court; and bonds to and from members of the Ball family. Correspondence includes letters to and from Burgess Ball (1749-1800) regarding the Revolutionary War, including a discussion of the Virginia assembly's wartime measures; rosters of Virginia and Continental Army officers; terms of a parole for Ball; the battle of Cowpens and the campaign in North Carolina; a letter from George Washington (1732-1799) concerning the war and affairs at Mount Vernon; and regulations and orders for the siege at Yorktown, Virginia; Correspondence also discusses Ball's construction of Traveler's Rest in Stafford County and his business concerns; efforts to get land warrents for military service; legal matters concerning slaves belonging to the Washington family; contract for a farm and slaves in Berkeley County, (West) Virginia; the education of Burgess Ball, Jr.; and Ball's move to Loudoun County, Virginia.

Papers also include letters to and from Dr. Charles Burgess Ball (d. ca. 1839) of Loudoun County concerning efforts to claim his father Burgess Ball's land warrants for military service during the Revolutionary War. Papers contain correspondence and depositions regarding Ball senior; petition by Charles Ball to the Virginia legislature; and two Vermont state notes. Correspondents include George W. Ball, Charles Ball's brother; William M. Thompson and Mildred Thompson, who assisted Charles Ball in his efforts; and Churchill Gibbs, William Jones, Robert Grayson Carter, Robert Porterfield, William Willis, and Philip Slaughter, all of whom served with or knew of Burgess Ball's military service. Also includes a stock certificate for a share of the Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire Rail Road Company, and two Civil War military passes for Charles B. Ball. Also contains genealogical notes for the Ball and Read families.



Contents List

Folder 1
Land grants, 1650-1731, issued to John Senior, Anthony Stvens, and Charles Burgess for land in the Northern Neck Counties of Lancaster, Northumberland, and Prince William.
8 manuscripts, transcripts, 3 leaves and 10 p.
Folder 2
General Court record, 30 October 1716, of the suit of Robert Carter v. William Fox in an action of tresspass, Lancaster County.
4 p.
Folder 3
Bond, 30 March 1722, of Edward Nickin to Charles Burgess for 40 pounds for 50 acres in Lancaster County.
2 p.
Folder 4
Deed, 30 March 1722, for 50 acres in Lancaster County from Charles Burgess to Edward Nickin.
2 p.
Folder 5
Legal opinion, 20 March 1729, of J. Ward on the line of inheritance in [?] Hack's estate.
2 p.
Folder 6
Deed of release, 2 February 1730, from George Proctor to Charles Burgess for land in Spotsylvania County.
1 leaf.
Folder 7
Deed, 12 December 1730, for 1000 acres in Spotsylvania County from Edward Price to Charles Burgess.
2 p.
Folder 8
Letter, 20 August 1775, George Washington, Cambridge, [Massachusetts], to Lund Washington, discussing Scotsmen at Port Tobacco and Piscataway; Simpson and the mill; Lord Dunmore; Massachusetts government and troops; financial matters; occupation of the labor force; and building at Mount Vernon. Original at the New York Public Library. Letter published in Writings of Washington vol. 3, pp. 432-435.
4 p. transcript.
Folder 9
Roster, before 2 June 1778, of [Virginia] officers.
1 leaf.
Folder 10
Letter, 6 July 1778, W[illiam?] Ball, Millenbeck, [Lancaster County] to Burgess Ball, discussing efforts of the legislature to improve accomodations for the army; iniquities of past executive appointments; description of new organization and appointments; supplies issued to troops; other acts of the legislature; movement of the capital to Richmond; depreciation of currency; improvement in army and future campaigns; British depredations; and local news from Lancaster County.
4 p.
Folder 11
Roster, 1778-1779, of General and Field Officers in the Armies of the United States, listing major generals and brigadiers.
2 p.
Folder 12
Power of attorney, 1779-1785, Burgess Ball to an unidentified individual.
3 p.
Folder 13
Letter, 21 December 1780, Lieutenant Charles McPherson, Waddrills Point Ferryhouse, to Lieutenant Colonel [Burgess] Ball, at General Da Pointail's, informing Colonel Ball that he cannot go to Virginia until orders are received from General Cornwallis concerning Ball's parole.
1 leaf.
Folder 14
Letter, 12 March 1781, James Couyers, Guilford County, North Carolina, to [Burgess] Ball describing the military situation since Ball left the southern army, and asking Ball to secure clothing for him.
3 p.
Folder 15
Letter, 18 August 1781, Burgess Ball, Bath, to Henry Armistead, Fredericksburg, describing construction on Traveler's Rest, and commenting on the car of the horses. Ball expects to stay at Traveler's Rest for the remainder of his life.
4 p.
Folder 16
Regulations, September-October 1781, for the Service of the Siege [of Yorktown], and An Extract from General Orders. General orders on the conduct of the American siege of Cornwallis' army and commendations from Washington to various commanders for their services during the siege.
Physical Location: Original located in oversize, box 52.
4 leaves, photocopies.
Folder 17
Letter, 17 December 1781, James Ball, Bewdley, Lancaster County, to Burgess Ball, Stafford County, being advice from his uncle on the management of his affairs; family affairs, and news.
2 p.
Folder 18
Letter, 20 November 1782, Burgess Ball, Berkeley, to Harry [Henry Armistead] requesting cash, supplies, and loan of carpenters; financial and personal business.
4 p.
Folder 19
Letter, 29 July 1783, Nicholas Carroll, Lancaster County, to Burgess Ball, King George County, requesting his time and service record for his land warrant.
1 leaf.
Folder 20
Letter, 5 August 1783, Bushrod Washington, Philadelphia, [Pennsylvania], to Burgess Ball, Traveler's Rest, near Fredericksburg, concerning back pay for military service; difficulties in getting the notes to Virginia; local news; definitive treaty not settled; site of the national capital not settled.
4 p.
Folder 21
Power of attorney, 1783, Burgess Ball to Power and Ham regarding estate of his wife Mary Chichester Ball.
3 p.
Folder 22
Letter, 1 June 1784, Burgess Ball to Henry Armistead, Fredericksburg, stating that barbecue has exhausted supplies and asking that more be sent. Problems in securing supplies, reluctance to ask favors of him.
2 p.
Folder 23
Letter, 1784, Henry Armistead to Burgess Ball, Fredericksburg. Mr. Chew returned; delivered letter to General Washington, but no answer; delays in mail; Colonel Anderson to pass through; ice broke up, then refroze over the river; flooding; destruction on property.
3 p.
Folder 24
Letter, 10 February 1786, John Taylor, Caroline, to Burgess Ball, Culpeper. General Court suit will not go against Ball. Does not know more. Does not believe Ball will have to summon his brother.
1 leaf.
Folder 25
Letter, 22 April 1786, George Augustine Washington, Mount Vernon, to Burgess Ball. Ball's bond not collected. Swingle trees not available. General business and financial matters. Personal news and remarks.
4 p.
Folder 26
Letter, 24 July 1786, George Augustine Washington, Mount Vernon, to Burgess Ball. Difficulties in collecting a bond. Travel plans.
4 p.
Folder 27
Letter, 7 August 1789, John Aldredge, Bedford Row, London, [England], to Burgess Ball. suit between Ball and Mr. Beacham.
2 p.
Folder 28
Letter, 6 December 1789, Samuel Coleman for William Heth, Richmond, to Burgess Ball. Request for dues from the treasurer of the Society of the Cincinnati.
1 leaf, printed.
Folder 29
Letter, 17 December 1798, George Augustine Washington, Mount Vernon, to Burgess Ball, Traveler's Rest, near Fredericksburg. Cannont attend the division of his grandmother's slaves. Ball is authorized to act for Washington and for the President [George Washington] in the affair. Other personal and family news.
2 p.
Folder 30
Letter, by 14 November 1792, Corbin Washington, Needwood, to Burgess Ball, Traveler's Rest. Glad that Burgess Ball, Jr., is over the measles. Concerned for his delay in education at Needwood, discipline, clothing, and supplies for him.
3 p.
Folder 31
Letter, 16 January 1792, Burgess Ball, Jr., Philadelphia, to Burgess Ball, Fredericksburg. Personal expenses and accounts. Glad that Traveler's Rest is sold. Personal remarks and greetings.
3 p.
Folder 32
Letter, 7 February 1792, George Augustine Washington, Colonel Bassett's, New Kent County, to Burgess Ball, Traveler's Rest, near Fredericksburg. Discusses trip to New Kent and expected return; sends family greetings.
1 leaf.
Folder 33
Letter, 19 April 1792, Burgess Ball, Jr., Philadelphia, to Burgess Ball, sending his clothing expenses; stating he would like to study French and history; describing escapades of other students including "Young Custace" and Warner Washington. Sends personal greetings and other news.
4 p.
Folder 34
Letter, 7 July 1793, Burgess Ball, Alexandria, to Burgess Ball, Jr., Philadelphia. Letter of introduction for Dr. Craige, Jr.; no account of quarterly remittance; rode to Mount Vernon and returned with the President to Alexandria; personal remarks and news.
1 leaf.
Folder 35
Letter, 9 September 1793, Burgess Ball, Jr., Philadelphia, to Burgess Ball, Fredericksburg. Death of his tutor Dr. Hutchinson and illness of Dr. Caspar Wistar with yellow fever. Wants now to study in Europe with professors gone.
2 p.
Folder 36
Letter, 26 September 1794, Stevens Thomson Mason, Raspberry Plain, [Loudoun County?], to Burgess Ball, at Colonel Washington's, Berkeley [County]. Raising militia quotas in Fairfax and Loudoun, will march to Winchester; work on the farm; personal news and business.
3 p.
Folder 37
Letter, 2 January 1797, R. M. Scott, Alexandria, to Burgess Ball, Big Spring, [Loudoun County]. Difficulty in raising money on any terms; Burgess Ball to General [Stevens Thomson] Mason, [7 January 1797], forwarding previous letter and asking for advice on how to handle situation; Stevens Thomson Mason to Burgess Ball, [7 January 1797], giving his opinion on the situation.
3 p.
Folder 38
Letter, 14 July 1797, Theodorick Lee to Burgess Ball, Loudoun County. Release of a note and reasons for delay.
1 leaf.
Folder 39
Letter, 16 August 1797, Burgess Ball, Leesburg, to Colonel Thomas Marshall, Kentucky, introducing Captain Harding; asking help in selling military land; and hoping he gets to France soon.
2 p.
Folder 40
Letter, 27 August 1798, Ebenezer Potter, Stephensburg, to Burgess Ball[?]. Non-payment on a draft of Ball's.
1 leaf.
Folder 41
Letter, August 1798, Edmund Randolph, Richmond, to Burgess Ball, Big Spring, near Leesburg, concerning a legal case.
1 leaf.
Folder 42
Letter, 15 October 1798, A. B. T. Mason, The Retreat, [Loudoun County?], to Burgess Ball, Charlestown, [(West) Virginia]. New of elections on the Eastern Shore and elsewhere. Asks for corn from Smith. Personal news.
2 p.
Folder 43
Contract, 21 May 1799, for lease of a farm and slaves in Berkeley County, Ann Dandridge Hunter to Ebenezer Potter.
4 p.
Folder 44
Letter, 15 October 1799, Thomas Swann, Dr. Selden's, to Burgess Ball, regarding delayed shipment of wheat.
1 leaf.
Folder 45
Letter, [before 1799], Raleigh Chinn to unknown recipient, proving himself as executor of his sister's will, and commenting on his correspondent's good character.
1 leaf.
Folder 46
Papers, 1800-1864, Papers of Dr. Charles Burgess Ball and family. Personal and business correspondence and papers, many of which pertain to efforts to secure more land on Colonel Burgess Ball's Revolutionary War service. Correspondents other than family members include: Churchill Gibbs, William Jones, Robert Grayson Carter, Robert Porterfield, William Willis, and Philip Slaughter.
26 items.
Folder 47
Notes, 1703-1722, from Lancaster County records regarding Joseph Ball, Raleigh Chinn, and marriage of Thomas Hunton and Mary Johnson.
5 leaves, copies. 1 negative photostat.
Folder 48
Genealogical notes, n.d., on "The Ancestors of Rev. Charles H. Read D.D."
10 p.